Tuesday, October 20, 2009

After it is sorted, where does the recycling go?

In the last post, you could see a video of how all of your household recycling is sorted.  Ever wonder what happens to the recycling when it leaves the sorting plant?  Check out this video about a box plant in Syracuse, New York that buys old cardboard boxes and turns them into new ones.

Next time you get something in a box, look around the box to see if it contains recycled content.  Then, break it down (flatten it) and set it out on the curb for the recycling truck.  Who knows, you may get part of it back the next time you receive something in a box.


I like the new look of the website. I encourage people to look at the recycled content when making purchases. Like the man in the video said, the more people by recycled materials, the less expensive it becomes. People need to realize that while it's great that they recycle, they need to purchase items with recycled content to "complete the loop".

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